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Timberharps at School

We have worked with and supplied Timberharps for nurseries, schools and colleges since the very beginning. In fact most of our design research has been carried out at special needs schools and our current range of Timberharps are inspired by the young people we have met along the journey.


We think that having a Timberharp in a sensory room is a valuable asset as it can bring a calming natural element into the area. We also enjoy seeing the effect that installing a Timberharp in a public thoroughfare has on anxiety reduction.


We've built custom Timberharps for students with particular needs, often meeting with the person to draw out designs for limited mobility, particular musical preferences or even surface colours and shapes.

No-one knows the individual needs of a child better than the people who care for them and work with them, so if you have any ideas for custom Timberharps that might benefit a particular child or situation then please do get in touch.


We are a small and dynamic team that can usually fulfil any design suggestions and we absolutely love a challenge, particularly if there's a chance it could improve someone's life.


"As a SENCO I work with lots of children with lots of different needs and I'm always looking for resources to make my setting more inclusive. The Timberharp allows for freedom of expression with limited movement, which in turn allows accessibility for everyone. It empowers children in a very unique way, allowing them to make a difference to their surroundings with beautiful results."

Megan Johnson - Special Education Needs Co-Ordinator


Timberharps are extremely robust, built to survive any school environment. They have been rigorously tested in schools and special needs colleges to ensure they can handle all that is thrown at them - sometimes literally.

Our Timberharps are built for indoor use only, but we can be commissioned to build bespoke versions that can be used outside all year round.

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