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Loving the Forests

We love to walk in the forests. For us it's a great privilege to live and work close to wonderful ancient Sussex woodlands, the South Downs National Park and Angmering Forest. We regular practice in the Japanese art of forest bathing, which basically consists of turning off your phone, slowing down and taking in your surroundings with eyes, ears, nose and breathe.

Every Timberharp we make has been created with an underpinning respect and admiration for the healing power of nature, which we gently harness into an object you can bring into your own chosen environment to enjoy whenever you need to.

Every piece of timber we use is sourced by us. We choose sustainably grown birch from Sweden; responsibly forested walnut from California; Olive wood from southern Italy that is harvested to make way for more youthful trees once their fruit crop begins to dwindle; storm-fallen trees from local estates that mill, season and sell the timber themselves.

We have used driftwood that washed up on the beach right in front of our studio after a storm in 2012; we have even used a smashed-up table we found outside a removals company that was too good for the tip.


Basically, we absolutely love wood and respect it as one of our most beautiful and valuable natural resources.

The thing we love most about our Timberharps is that when they are up on the wall, whilst packed with electronics, sensors, processors and power units, all you will see is the beautiful and natural piece of wood in all its glory.

Yew wood ready to be made into Timberharps by Thomas Freer

A selection of our raw materials

ready to be turned into Timberharps


We design and make our own electronics parts using additive manufacturing processes (also known as 3D printing), using an eco-friendly alternative to plastic called PLA.


PLA is made from specially stabilised corn starches and sugars, so it's sustainable, organic and renewable - the ideal choice for our responsible products.

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