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Timberharps at Home

Many of our customers fall in love with our Timberharps and want to take one home.

They love the beauty of the natural wood, especially when finished to such a high quality surface. They look amazing and feel sublime.

And of course the sculptures have a trick up their sleeve... when your guests are invited to feel the smoothness of the wood they are surprised by suddenly creating beautiful harmonic melodies.

We create Timberharps in a number of different styles that suit a variety of design styles. There are tightly designed symmetrical shapes that blend perfectly with modern interiors; rustic live-edge pieces that make a bold statement of homage to wood's natural beauty; and sculpted shapes of all different shapes and sizes from smooth ellipses to hard-edge blocks.

You can either buy a finished Timberharp straight from the website, visit us to choose from our latest creations at the studio, or reserve an upcoming design as it is being created.

If you've decided to bring some Timberharp love into your home get in touch and we can start a conversation on how you'd like to proceed.

Sensory Equipment Sculptures called Timberharps by Thomas Freer

Come and visit the studio to see what we're building and what's coming next.


We have a variety of different power options available to discuss, including plug-in power if you'd like a permanent supply to your Timberharp, or rechargeable options for a more portable Timberharp or for places where a permanent power supply isn't possible.


Whether plug-in or rechargeable, Timberharps are powered by 5v micro-USB so there are plenty of established options available.

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