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Timberharps & Autism

We feel this is somewhat our field of expertise. Not only have we created many Timberharps for autistic children and adults, we have also spent years getting to know the behaviour and likes or dislikes of people with autism.

We have been approached by parents of autistic children, carers and schools to create sensory sculptures that calm and relax children with anxieties and we have created custom-made Timberharps that meet the specific needs of people with particular sensory difficulties.

We have created ultra-smooth Timberharps for people with trypophobia; stained, bleached or coloured wood to meet chromophobic needs; we have even created a Timberharp that you don't have to touch at all, for a child with extreme OCDs.

We are sensitive and sympathetic towards people with acute sensory difficulties and to those who care for them.

Although we aim to create objects that are accessible to as many people as possible, we know that Timberharps are not for everyone. Therefore we strongly recommend a visit to the studio.

We are happy to discuss how we can help, and we can very easily arrange a quiet and gentle time for a visit to our calm little studio by the sea, so people can try some Timberharps for themselves.



"Our little boys were able to tolerate a family Boxing Day with 15 people in the house, other children, noise lights and all manner of chaos, as they had the Snug and their Timberharp - which they have both very quickly worked out is something that helps them, which meant we were able to join in with everyone else too - first time ever.


So thank you for making something that has made such a difference to all our lives."

Amanda D.

Mother of two autistic boys


Timberharps have at least 12 different instrument modes which you easily change.

You can also change the amount of echo.

We have also included a volume button for you to adjust to any environment.

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