The Victoria Harp

at RHS Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival 2021


The Victoria Harp was created over a six month period during UK lockdown 2020. It is made from 125 hand-cut pieces of Swedish birch ply, fitted with the latest generation quad-core microprocessor and custom sensor circuitry, loaded with twenty different musical instruments and finished with six coats of marine-grade varnish.

The sculpture is designed in two pieces for easy transportation and can be assembled and calibrated in a few minutes


For the RHS Show week the Harp has been fitted with a large battery pack whilst it also houses a built-in battery and hard-wired connections for an option of permanent installation.

Although the Harp has no visible controls, it is packed with features such as volume, delay, pitch, instrument and 'mad' mode. These are accessible through the Harp's WebApp via its own WIFI connection.

(Please ask for a demonstration)

Most people know that Hampton Court was used by Henry VIII and successive royalty as a party palace, but it was Queen Victoria who opened the palace to the public for the first time. Although controversial at first, as the elite party-goers didn't particularly like the appearance of "riff-raff" that threatened their lifestyles and sensitivities, the move has allowed us all to experience the beauty of this architectural and landscaping gem. It was this act of inclusiveness that inspired the name of this sculpture, which was created to allow everyone to enjoy it, no matter of their position in nobility.

RHS Festival price for the Victoria Harp is £8400

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