Therapeutic, Sensory Musical Sculptures

“The smooth, inviting feel of the natural wood encourages hands to touch and explore, taking the user on a journey and helping them to make their own unique, musical discoveries. The sense of control that this evokes can be incredibly empowering for a child, while the tranquillity emitted through touch and sound is very grounding - helping to calm troubled or over-stimulated minds”

Jennifer Bishop MA Msc

Children’s Services Manager, Barnardos


Discover new musical abilities as you immediately start creating your own original music


Every Timberharp is fitted with a selection of instruments to choose from. The notes are arranged in the ancient Pentatonic scale, which always harmonies no matter how it's played


Feel calm and energised as you enjoy the smooth warmth of the natural wood and the gentle sounds created as you run your hands over the surface


Find the sounds, change the mode, discover the different settings and enjoy playing your own melodies

How Does It Work?


Simply plug it in to a USB charger overnight (your phone charger will do) and enjoy 3-4 days of cordless play


Timberharps respond instantly to the gentlest of touches. Our sophisticated processor translates your movement into music which is played through the on-board speakers


Choose one of the 12 installed sound modes, change the volume and adjust the echo for an endless variety of experiences

Accessible to All

We've worked hard to make sure Timberharps are accessible to as many people as possible. They are tactile and intuitive, non-synthetic musical instruments, that promote learning through natural materials, music and exploration.

Timberharps are ideal for children and adults with complex physical or learning needs, spanning all ages. They fit easily alongside existing therapeutic methods such as storytelling, relaxation and occupational therapy.

As a therapeutic tool they will promote emotional relaxation which can help people suffering with trauma and those with complex emotional, social or learning needs such as anxiety, depression and mood disorders.

They do not require sophisticated motor skills and encourage mobility and rotational joint movement. It is helping those with dementia as current research is revealing that music activates the part of the brain associated with memory.

Made from carefully selected materials, contact with the natural, non-synthetic smooth wooden surface of the Timberharp promotes relaxation and provides a tactile, audible backdrop for relaxation and meditation.

The 12 music modes produce Pentatonic sounds which form the basis of much ancient and tribal music, so evoking a deep sense of connectivity. As Pentatonic notes always harmonise, Timberharp music always sounds appealing.

Requiring no formal training, the Timberharp is robust, portable and can be passed round a class or group, taken outside and easily recharged. Everyone from the very young to the very old can use and enjoy it.

"As a SENCO I work with lots of children with lots of different needs and I'm always looking for resources to make my setting more inclusive. The Timberharp allows for freedom of expression with limited movement, which in turn allows accessibility for everyone. It empowers children in a very unique way, allowing them to make a difference to their surroundings with beautiful results."

Megan Johnson, Special Education Needs Co-Ordinator

How Are They Made?

Hand Built

Each Timberharp is hand crafted from start to finish. From sourcing the raw materials to fitting the electronics, this artisan lineage ensures maximum attention to quality and performance


We are a small business and source 95% of our materials from local suppliers. All our timber is from FSC Certified suppliers and we are proudly aiming for a 100% sustainable energy workshop by 2022.


Designed by professionals in childcare, therapy, healthcare and education, Timberharps are built to last. They are light enough to sit comfortably on a lap, and strong enough to survive everyday bumps

Previous Happy Customers

"The Timberharp is a great therapeutic tool for engaging with people with dementia. It not only creates beautiful sounds, it also calms and soothes, creating a safe space for interaction and expression."

Janice Bond - Occupational Therapist, Clinical Specialist - Acute Dementia and Later Life, West Sussex NHS

Special Edition Timberharps

We love building something extra special for our customers. When we are not busy researching and developing new and exciting variants of the classic Timberharp, we're building beautiful sculptures, arranging one-off designs and creating splendid bespoke variants of our award-winning products.

A Timberharp Special built from a single piece of a Yew tree reported to be over 2000 years old

This piece of Walnut is from a tree that blew down in Selsey Gardens during the great storm of 1986

Purchasing One of Our Specials

We only sell our Special Editions directly from the gallery in Worthing UK. To see the latest designs, current projects and forthcoming releases, check in with us on Facebook and Instagram, or come visit to try one out yourself. 

“The Timberharp is so unique and such an asset to helping children and adults calm their energies or lift them when depressed. It has helped clients of all ages to help share their life stories”

Carol Lloyd NNEB, DipC, Bed Hons MASAP 

Senior Lecturer, Chichester University

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