Built by Hand

All my Laser Harps are built by hand. I select the materials, hone the distinctive shapes and fit the sophisticated electronics which provide the interactive experience.

They are designed to be wheelchair accessible and robust enough for public interaction.

My Laser Harps have appeared in festivals, VIP rooms, hospitals, schools and galleries across the nation. for more information, please contact me directly.

Laser Harp Musical Sculptures

My interactive musical sculptures are built to explore, delight and awaken the senses.

Made from carefully selected wood, they are aesthetically pleasing, attracting visitors towards their gentle curving shapes.

Then they really start to make an impression.

The harps are fitted with an array of lasers, invisible during the day and illuminated at night, that interact harmoniously with visitors as they pass through the sculpture.

The sculptures play beautiful melodies as they are explored; the movement of guests is transformed into gentle chords and peaceful melodies.

When the player realises they are creating the music, they are briefly transported into a an ethereal world, of wonder and delight.

©2020 Thomas Freer