The Story So Far..

Regardless of age, ability or background, everyone has music within them. It is my mission to provide the means to access this most fundamental part of our hearts and souls by building unique and wonderful musical sculptures that are a delight to look at, a sensation to touch and a pleasure to the ears.

Not everyone can learn to play traditional musical instruments. Some take years to master, others require dexterity and complex muscle memory, a few are just too expensive to learn.


To remedy this I have invented the Timberharp - an affordable, beautiful new concept in music creation that combines the simplicity of gentle shapes and natural wood with the sophistication of award-winning microprocessors.

The result is part modern design, part sculpture that allows and encourages the player to create beautiful original melodies.

What The Professionals Say

“The smooth, inviting feel of the natural wood encourages hands to touch and explore, taking the user on a journey and helping them to make their own unique, musical discoveries. The sense of control that this evokes can be incredibly empowering for a child, while the tranquillity emitted through touch and sound is very grounding - helping to calm troubled or over-stimulated minds”

Jennifer Bishop MA Msc

Children’s Services Manager, Barnardos

“The Timberharp is so unique and such an asset to helping children and adults calm their energies or lift them when depressed. It has helped clients of all ages to help share their life stories”

Carol Lloyd NNEB, DipC, Bed Hons MASAP 

Senior Lecturer, Chichester University

"As a SENCO I work with lots of children with lots of different needs and I'm always looking for resources to make my setting more inclusive. The Timberharp allows for freedom of expression with limited movement, which in turn allows accessibility for everyone. It empowers children in a very unique way, allowing them to make a difference to their surroundings with beautiful results."

Megan Johnson, Special Education Needs Co-Ordinator

Our Research


We're beginning to understand more about how music and sound can help to heal. It is certainly apparent how certain music can have positive results on people with Alzheimer's and dementia. I've seen for myself the calming effect that Timberharps have on patients with a variety of conditions, helping them manage anxiety, which can then allow better access to treatment.


Children have been inspired by my Timberharps and teachers have reported heart-warming accounts of the benefits that their pupils have gained by being able to create original music, without the prerequisites of existing musical instruments. Either in a sensory room, a chill-out space, or even the staff room, Timberharps are being very well received in schools across the UK and beyond.


Many of myTimberharps go to live in environments associated with the alleviation of stress. Airport lounges, Health Spas, Wellbeing Clinics and Doctor's waiting rooms to name a few. Anywhere there is a benefit from helping reduce anxiety, there is a place for a Timberharp. I am continuing to provide sensory sculptures around the world, follow me on Instagram to join our journey.

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