Therapeutic musical instruments.




Introducing a series of tactile and intuitive non-synthetic sensory musical instruments that promote learning through natural materials, music and exploration.




Designed by professionals in childcare, therapy and education.

Built for schools, special needs education, sensory rooms and therapists.

Enjoyed by everyone of all ages and all abilities.

  • Rechargeable 72 hour power - unplug and carry to any room or take outside to play.

  • Full set of 12 soundbanks, provides an excellent choice of therapeutic musical sounds.

  • Pentatonic notes, means it always sounds harmonious, no matter how it's played.

  • Robust construction - built to last in any situation.

Don't just take our word for it.

Jennifer Bishop MA Msc

Children’s Services Manager, Barnardos

“The smooth, inviting feel of the natural wood encourages hands to touch and explore, taking the user on a journey and helping them to make their own unique, musical discoveries. The sense of control that this evokes can be incredibly empowering for a child, while the tranquillity emitted through touch and sound is very grounding - helping to calm troubled or over-stimulated minds”

Carol Lloyd NNEB, DipC,

Bed Hons MASAP 

Senior Lecturer, Chichester University

“The Timberharp is so unique and such an asset to helping children and adults calm their energies or lift them when depressed. It has proven to be a conduit of the inexplicable into the clarity of emotional language and brings integration of the psyche to soothe from things too difficult to express. It has helped clients of all ages to help share their life stories”

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